About Mash Up Ginger

After much soul searching and relentless, failed efforts to take over the world GingerZilla took a breath and he realised that progress is not made in great leaps, but by increments, moments in time that must be seized and nurtured.

This germ grew and blossomed into the next stage of his aural assault on a music world busy digesting the Music of the Dark Lord. For this reason he listens with prejudice and is fervently opposed to most music.

Yet, despite his hostility, the GingerZilla is willing to listen to anything and believes that mashups (bootlegs/bastard pop) may save the world, making even the most banal, insipid music eminently listenable and pant wettingly funny.

For this reason mashups will form part of the constitution for the GingerZilla's New World Order (which includes a stipulation that record company execs bathe in their own pop filth until they repent and start supporting artists again).

The path of a fanatic towards world conquest is never easy, taking careful planning and bouts of extreme violence. However, since the GingerZilla is a tree hugging hippy he will do away with the negativity and love you all - if you follow his lead into a glorious new dawn.

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