Friday, 21 October 2011

#OccupyFriday - Rave Against the Machine

To go with my simultaneous post over at GingerZilla (a home of truth, love and laughter and the odd "mandatory conspiracy") and The Bleeding Nose Shelter (where I vent my Metal Mashing Mad spleen), I thought I'd have some rather tasty electronic remixes of the Rage Against the Machine Classic and British Number One, Killing in the Name of. In tribute to the #occupy movement, which was itself inspired by the Arab Spring, I post something every #OccupyFriday as it was always after Friday prayer that the People took to the street for their beliefs.

I am in awe at the spirit of humanity that is showing itself across the globe. Music is what makes us one, because I believe in seeing people as human beings first and foremost. Now I'll shut up so you can enjoy the music. If you have any music suggestions please send them to me on Twitter or leave a comment (I'll get back to you after the tone).

From Dubstep to Psychedelic Trance from Tech House to Drum n Bass. Most are downloadable and I have a sneaky suspicion I am going to play with these to Kill 'em All. Keep going after the jump for all the remixes.

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