Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Why I Hate Mash-Ups #2 Phil Retro Spector

Phil Retro Spector is the "Undisputed Master of Melancholy of the Audio-Visual Bootleg Scene".

This melancholy may be related to the perpetual rains in the Emerald Isles which has affected not only his musical output but that of other Irish creators through the ages. It could be the economic malaise and the dreadfully oppressed recent history of the Irish which makes them "a people of deep cultural sorrow". It could explain why after listening to Phil's sublime mashups I have the urge to grab sharp implements.

However, even though the GingerZilla is a Celt (the Ginger being a bit of a give away), tradition is no excuse for the video for Chasing The Broken Hearted, "#8 in the 100 Greatest Mash Up’s of All Time" which has ruined my memories of Snoopy forever.

Mr. Retro Spector - shame on you ;)

CHASING THE BROKEN HEARTED from Phil RetroSpector on Vimeo.


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